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SEC Registration

Redstone Advisors, Inc. is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisor located in Wichita, Kansas. A copy of Redstone Advisors' Form ADV Part II is available by clicking here. This form is provided to all clients and prospective clients.


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Disclaimer of Warranties

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Privacy Policy

Redstone Advisors, Inc. is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisor. Pursuant to rules adopted by the commission under Regulation S-P, Privacy of Consumer Financial Information, we are obligated to provide Redstone Advisors' policy concerning client privacy issues.

Redstone Advisors respects each client's right to privacy of personal information. We do not share personal nonpublic information about our clients or their accounts with non-affiliated third parties.

Certain circumstances are exempt from the provisions of these regulations, including sharing information with a non-affiliate (i) as necessary to effect, administer, or enforce a transaction that a consumer requests or authorizes, (ii) in connection with processing or servicing a financial product or service a consumer authorizes, and (iii) in connection with maintaining or servicing a consumer's account with an institution. Specifically, these expectations apply to information shared with (i) a non-affiliated broker-dealer in order to execute trades the customer has authorized and (ii) a non-affiliated custodian that holds securities on behalf of the customer.